Internet archeology #1

Soledad in Akasava

Der Teufel kam aus Akasava

Before Miranda, there was Soledad Miranda. Soledad was a Spanish actress best known for her films with Jess Franco. She died young in a car accident.

Via my recent purchase of Necronomicon: book three by Andy Black comes the Soledad photograph above, which I had hitherto only seen in its censored version, without showing the torso, from a screen capture or set photograph from Der Teufel kam aus Akasava.

Below are the better known online versions which I listed at as photocredit unidentified:

Soledad Miranda, photo unidentifed

photocredit unidentified

Case solved.

2 thoughts on “Internet archeology #1

  1. Mike

    Oooh; where’d you manage to find book three? I’ve had book 1&2 for years but have had very bad luck in finding books 3-5.

  2. jahsonic


    I bought it in a second hand book store, from their halloween special. Noir Publishing has all the volumes still on sale. Check their website.


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