It’s Jahsonic fave Alain Robbe-Grillet day at Dennis Cooper’s [1].

I am honored to have received by John Coulthart the “Arte y pico” award [2].

I’d like to pass the meme to Au carrefour étrange[3], Dennis Cooper [4], Hugo Strikes Back[5], PonyXpress[6], and Trevor Brown[7].

My criterium for selecting these blogs was my willingness to click their new posts when checking my RSS feeds.

The best analysis of this type of internet memes is by Surreal Documents [8], a post he wrote at the occasion of the Thinking Blogger Award we were awarded.

2 thoughts on “Accolades

  1. John Coulthart

    I’m ambivalent about these things as well but saw it as a useful way of pointing people elsewhere. Awards in general I’m dubious about. I look at Dennis Cooper’s blog a lot, of course, and I always feel distantly related to Trevor Brown since we know or have known people in common (my publisher for one, I think). Will check out the others you mention.

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