Nothing Natural by Jenny Diski

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While reading Jenny Diski‘s Nothing Natural (1986) I daydreamt of publishing my own version of this 1980s version of the classic novel Gordon by Edith Templeton.

The Jahsonic edition had a cover photograph by American photographer Roy Stuart. It depicted either the “La Bonne” (the maid) scene — one of the most erotic scenes in contemporary erotica — or “The Wall” scenario, which is very similar (although with a reversal of gender) to a dream scene in Breillat‘s masterpiece Romance X.

My edition is rewritten to provide for more intelligent discourse and snappier metaphors, and the perspective is changed from Rachel to Joshua. Joshua being the voice of a post-war Sade.

6 thoughts on “Daydreamt

  1. Vedran

    Day dreaming is a beautiful thing. But I have always felt that daydreams are ,how can I put it, jinxed. They never seem to be realized. I daydream every day and allot and not a single of the daydrea

  2. jahsonic

    The sex scenes were very erotic, and for that alone it deserves heaps of praise, but the rest of the book was shite I thought, some really louse writing. It screams for a thorough rewrite, from the male perspective or the female, but rewriting it needs.

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