Anecdotal nightlife histories and erotic dictionaries

Histoire anecdotique des Cafés & Cabarets de Paris (1862) Alfred Delvau

Histoire anecdotique des Cafés & Cabarets de Paris is a book on Parisian cafés by Alfred Delvau with illustrations by Gustave Courbet, Félicien Rops and Léopold Flameng, published by E. Dentu in 1862. The title translates as An anecdotal history of Parisian cafés and cabarets.

The Courbet print (which, though it carries an etched signature beneath the image, was probably etched by Flameng from a drawing furnished by the artist) depicts the moody, gaslit interior of the Andler-Keller, of which he was an habitué, as were Daumier, Corot, Baudelaire and others, and which seems to have doubled as a kind of brothel, as well as a brasserie. All the famous cafés of the period are included in the book, among them the Procope, the Tortoni, and the Café Momus (of “La Bohème“). Garvey notes that Courbet produced little graphic work, though he made several drawings for engravings, as well as drawings that were reproduced by gillotage, and designed wood-engravings for books. [1]

Delvau also wrote Dictionnaire érotique moderne (1864):

This edition printed by Gay et Doucé in 1876 for the members of the “Biblio-Aphrodiphile Société” with an engraved frontispiece by Chauvet after Félicien Rops. With a “Glossaire érotique” by Louis de Landers (= August Scheler). The volume was also published by Editions 10/18.