Boudoir noir

boudoir noir

All is Vanity (1892) by Charles Allan Gilbert

“Behold me then safely ensconced in my private Boudoir, a fearful instance of the ill consequences attending upon irascibility—alive, with the qualifications of the dead—dead, with the propensities of the living—an anomaly on the face of the earth—being very calm, yet breathless. —Poe via Loss of Breath.”

Illustration All is Vanity (1892) by Charles Allan Gilbert

10 thoughts on “Boudoir noir

  1. lichanos

    Not quite sure what you’re getting at with this juxtapoetry…I recall that my girlfriend in high school was very fond of this picture. These days, I have trouble seeing the non-reversed, i.e., the boudoir image.

  2. georgy


    But she lived to see the image and style she advocated become widely replayed, transformed and glorified. I would have been interested in having her opinion on Dita or the Suicide Girls.

  3. jahsonic

    Juxtapoetry arises when juxtaposing two or more laterally or heterarchily or rhizomatically related subjects in a poetic way. I coined the term to be able to post anything illustrated by almost anything.

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