Happy birthday Mr. Roeg

Nicolas Roeg turns 80 today. He made his best creative work before 1986. Castaway was his last great film and he made several world cinema classics.


White of the Eye by Donald Cammell

Instead of focusing on Roeg’s own output, I’d like you to have this[1] clip from White of the Eye by Roeg’s brother in arms Donald Cammell (Performance, (1968), Demon Seed (1977), White Of The Eye (1987) and Wild Side (1999)).

I haven’t seen White but based on the YouTube footage and Cammell’s genius I declare it WCC #57. It looks like a slasher film, it is a slasher film, but most of all, it is a Cammell film.

P. S. the clip above was posted by YouTube user Truegore[2], who hosts some other interesting clips such as Viy[3]. Viy is WCC #58.

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