Isaac Hayes (1942 -2008)


Isaac Hayes died a couple of hours ago. He was 65. His best known work was the soundtrack for the 1971 blaxploitation film Shaft.

I give you his a cult disco track “I Can’t Turn Around” (1975, above), which led 10 years later to “Love Can’t Turn Around[1], something between a cover and a rip off of the original, but an altogether better track.

Hayes recorded the track for his Chocolate Chip album and it saw him embracing the disco sound with the title track and lead single. This would be Hayes’ last album to chart top 40 for many years.


“Love Can’t Turn Around” is WMC #64.

Here are two more of his cult favorites:


Isaac Hayes – Breakthrough


Isaac Hayes – Pursuit of The Pimpmobile

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  1. rob

    To honour this main man, we’ll pump some Tough Guy music through the Caffenation speakers tomorrow.

    This is some serious blogging out here Jah. Respect.


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