One thought on “I’m back

  1. clifford duffy

    Cheers Jahsonic from the blogosphere and canada .__I’ve been reading you on and off here and from time to time on tumblr…. It would be great to hear more about those tunnels, and tuffs! It’s interesting that you mention the Eco. bk with the Foucault title. I saw The Name of the Rose years ago and was enthralled by Sean Connery playing the old Aristotelian monk. Anyways I went off to read the book, and was never able to get past I think it was the the third chapter? I can’t remember. It’s a pity because I am sure the book is fun. Since then I have never really read through a novel by Eco. I have read some of his selected essays and last year I sort of romped around reading a more recent novel…. and was disappointed by the ending… and then I saw him in you tube speaking and what a wonderful man very soft spoken, smart and easy to listen to and not pompous with his learning. I found that a welcome change especially after having watched Zizek in you tube speak a few times! Ohh that was awful! that chap has no presence at all! … maybe what he says is true, not true, etc etc. but in terms of being interesting to watch. well, no thanks. All of this to say I’d be interested to read your impressions of Foucault’s Pendulum.

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