“I’m mad as hell”

To Lichanos[1],

In answer to your comment[2], yes, it feels sometimes as if I have reached the limits of appreciative criticism.

I dedicate to you, Lichanos, Network, WCC #61.


Scrub to 2:48 for “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more

One thought on ““I’m mad as hell”

  1. lichanos

    Ah, appreciative criticism. Not a bad thing, I guess.

    Over years of discussing movies (ahem…films) with friends and acquaintances, I’ve decided people fall into two groups: people who go to movies (I’m one); and people who LOVE movies!

    “That movie was a piece of junk! C’mon, it was so dull, and didn’t even make sense…”

    “Yeah, but did you see that shot half-way through – it was wonderful allusion to Fellini’s Satyricon…”

    “I nearly fell asleep, and it’s portrayal of women was about has macho-reactionary as you can get, besides having characters that were unbelievable…”

    “Well, maybe, but you have to admit that the shot of the tablecloth in the love scene was beautifully lit…”

    …and so it goes. The appreciative critic and the crank.

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