In defense of Michael Jackson


They Don’t Care About Us

“In recent years a workprint of Spike Lee‘s music video to Michael Jackson‘s “They Don’t Care About Us” has appeared, which is a rough cut of the Prison version. This version contains even more violent footage (the Rodney King beating, Los Angeles riots, the Chinese Tank Man, the Vietnam war) than the released video, which also includes scenes of the Holocaust, dead bodies, gunshot and African famine scenes and a kid throwing around a foot detached from its body.” —Sholem Stein

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3 thoughts on “In defense of Michael Jackson

  1. jahsonic

    The defense of Michael is on account of “kicking the world a consciousness” by showing this footage.

    I would appreciate if I could find an id on every piece of footage used in this clip, outside of those I’ve identified.

    I’m esp. interested in the crying baby at 0:18 and the shooting at 0:20.


  2. Judith Coyle

    Fantastic. Really interesting. I must post this up to my Blog. This prison version is so much more powerful than the Brazilian version also by Spike Lee. Have you seen that?

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