2 thoughts on “Mechanical head picture ID needed

  1. John Coulthart

    I have it in Dover’s Pictorial Archive book, MEN, but your version seems like a collage with cogs or something added to the forehead. The original is a Victorian guy wearing some kind of square headphones.

  2. Paul Rumsey

    It was also used by Max Ernst in his collage novel “La femme 100 tetes”.
    In The Ernst version there are no cogs on the forehead, but Ernst has given him a beard made of the torso of a naked woman, the top of her head is tucked under his chin and her arms raised on either side of his face. Her arms stop at her elbows and her body stops just above the pubis.
    The caption reads “Then let me present the uncle whose beard we liked to tickle on Sunday afternoons”

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