My inner werewolf

The Howling (1981) – Joe Dante [] [FR] [DE] [UK]

I woke up yesterday night bathing in sweat. I get up. I look outside, full moon. That explains. My inner werewolf was trying to get out.

So I give you Joe Dante‘s The Howling, IMNHO the best werewolf film since WWII. Dante was an alumnus of Roger Corman, for whom I have an excessively soft spot. The film is WCC #71.

4 thoughts on “My inner werewolf

  1. scott carpenter

    I have to disagree, it has to be An American Werewolf In London. Rick Baker special effects and Jenny Agutter, maybe it’s a London thing…..

    Benicio Del Toro is the Wolfman for 2009.

    Others of note, Brotherhood Of The Wolf and Dog Soldiers.

    A belated thank you for your disco top ten.

  2. sannekurz

    More sexual than sexy, I’d even say…looks almost like we are about to witness an act of sodomie, that has been interrupted only for a few seconds, to give us time to take a picture…and even though I am NOT in to animals – it IS very attractive.

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