New Breillat film coming up

Twitchfilm reports on An Old Mistress [1], a new film by personal favourite Catherine Breillat:

Asia Argento, controversial filmmaker. Catherine Breillat, controversial filmmaker. Put the two together and it isn’t hard to imagine where they’ll likely end up. Argento is starring in Breillat’s latest, Une Vielle Maitresse, and the production company has recently posted the first batch of stills from the film to give a taste of what this will look like.

Here’s Breillat’s 2004 Rotterdam funding pitch for the film:

A costume drama An Old Mistress (Une Vieille Maitresse) adapted from the novel of the same by Barbey d’Aurevilly [The She-Devils (1874)], a book inspired by and covering much of the same ground as Choderlos De Laclos’ Dangerous Liaisons. “Une Vieille Maitresse is the parable of an affair that seems to be over and whose force is underestimated because it is thought to have blown itself out,” says Breillat. Breillat discussed the role of the manipulative and ugly old lady with Madonna. “I had a meeting with her, but she did not want to do it. It would have been extremely gratifying if she had. But perhaps if she had it would no longer have been my film. So it may be for the better.”

2 thoughts on “New Breillat film coming up

  1. litlove

    Very interesting – I’m waiting for proofs back from the publisher of an academic book I wrote with a colleague on pornography in contemporary French culture, and Breillat had a chapter to herself. I have to say that my colleague wrote it, although in a first draft, I’d written something on Pornocratie (the book from which Anatomie de l’enfer came from) and Romance. It’s always interesting to see what she’ll do next.

  2. jahsonic


    She is one of the more interesting filmmakers working in France, along with Noé, Ozon, Leconte and Haneke. Please let me know if you have more info on your book, Breillat deserves that chapter imho.


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