RIP Patrick McGoohan (1928 – 2009)

RIP Patrick McGoohan, 80, American-born Irish actor (The Prisoner, Braveheart)


The Prisoner

Patrick Joseph McGoohan (March 19, 1928 – January 13, 2009) was an Irish American actor who rose to fame in the British film and TV industry by starring in the 1960s television series Danger Man, cult classic The Prisoner and Mel Gibson‘s epic Braveheart. McGoohan wrote and directed several episodes of The Prisoner himself. He also had a part in David Cronenberg’s paranoiac Scanners as Dr. Paul Ruth, psychopharmacist.

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  1. lichanos

    Oh no!!!! I was not aware of this! PM was my idol as a young boy. I devoured The Prisoner over and over again – his unflappable cool mixed with suppressed hostility was my model of manliness for my entire youth. I know many of the episodes by heart.

    I have posted on the show frequently [] most recently.

    I am deeply saddened by this note, but death comes to us all. The subject of one of the dream-epsisodes, actually.

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