5 thoughts on “Some of us haven’t had much Dolce in our Vitas …

  1. lichanos

    I missed it when it came out, though I heard of it. So I bought it a year or so ago.

    Well…Dr. Strangelove it ain’t. Great blast from the past seeing all those stars in a really way out satire that would probably be banned today, but don’t expect too much. It has its moments, and John Astin is great.

    A real period piece, Ewa Aulin is, well…sweet, but a real dud for the most part.

    Oh yea, forgot, Richard Burton IS hilarious as the narcissist romantic.

  2. jahsonic

    Hi Lichanos and welcome to the blog,

    I’m surprised you were around when Candy came out, I was three.

    I’ve seen Strangelove and wasn’t too crazy about it. Thus far, my fave Kubricks are Barry Lyndon and his last one With Nicole and Tom.

    Period piece-wise, that is exactly what I like about “small films”, they are as much film as anthropological artifact.

    Like your blog.


  3. lichanos

    …surprised you were around when Candy came out…

    Huh? Is there an age limit for bloggers?

    I like your blog too – very interesting! Glad you found mine of interest.

    Re: Kubrick, oh man! Dr. S is maybe his BEST, and to my thinking, Eyes is an ignominious end to a stellar career. (I do like Barry, which doesn’t get the attention it deserves, I think.)

    I just can’t take Eyes seriously. Maybe as a Viennese period piece it would have worked, but in NYC in the 1990s? To me it seemed to be almost a parody of itself. The hooker with the golden heart, the hip yuppies who act as if they never fantasized about sex, and we’re supposed to be outraged/amazed that some “powerful” people indulge in weirdo sex orgies?

    As for Dr. S…maybe it’s a generational thing. I am old enough to have worried – for real – about dying in a nuclear conflagration…and to have endured the insane/scholarly ramblings of people like Kahn and Kissinger…

  4. jahsonic

    Huh? Is there an age limit for bloggers?

    of course not, but issues of age have been of concern to me in the sense, that
    a) I have a hard time finding artists who are younger than me (pre-1965) whom I appreciate. (That’s why I’m glad I recently “discovered” guitarist Buckethead, singer song writer Elliott Smith and rapper Saul Williams)

    b) a fair part of blogs I’m interested in personally are written by people older than me, notable exceptions notwithstanding


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