Bob Carlos Clarke and Allen Jones


Via sensOtheque comes the above vintage style series of risqué photos by Bob Carlos Clarke from a version of the book Delta of Venus, set to “You Do Something To Me” by Marlene Dietrich recorded in 1939.

Bob Carlos Clarke was good friends with the artist Allen Jones. They shared the same interest in rubber fetishism and sexual objectification [1] and Clarke also re-interpreted the table sculpture of Jones’s 1969 Chair, Table and Hat Stand in 1987 with Many Nights and in 2004 with the piece Total Control.

“It was Jones who tried to put Carlos Clarke off using rubber-clad women in his photographs, as they appeared often in his own paintings. Clarke had been introduced to this rubber fetish while at college by a man known simply as the Commander, who published a quarterly magazine for devotees of rubber wear. (The Commander had developed a taste for rubber while serving as a frogman in the Royal Navy, during which time he had become very attached to his diving suit.) [2]

Also check the Allen Jones category at the excellent blog “lemateurdart”.

To conclude, a 2002 photograph [3] of Allen Jones’s table sculpture.

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