Statues also die


Les Statues meurent aussi

Les Statues meurent aussi (Eng: Statues also Die) is a short subject documentary film by Chris Marker and Alain Resnais released in 1953 and financed by the anticolonial organisation Présence africaine. Its theme was that Western civilization is responsible for the decline of black art due to cultural appropriation. The film was seen at the Cannes Film Festival, it won the Prix Jean Vigo in 1954 but was banned shortly afterwards for more than 10 years by the French censor.

5 thoughts on “Statues also die

  1. tristan forward

    marvellous … all three clips are mesmeric … but i don’t speak french and so i’m desperate to understand what the narrator was saying while the white mice were on the screen

  2. jahsonic

    Can anyone help us, I can only understand towards the 2,38: “le type du bon être, rêver par le bon blanc.” The type of the good creature, dreamed up by the good white.”

    Aucarrefour perhaps? If you give me the transcription in French, I can do the translation.


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