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“My poor Jane died a virgin”

Fearless Frank, or Tit-bits from the Life of an Adventurer (1978)

Yesterday, as I was reading up on the recently deceased Monique van Vooren, I searched for Fearless Frank (1967) on YouTube and stumbled upon Fearless Frank, or Tit-bits from the Life of an Adventurer (1978). This is a BBC television film directed by Colin Bucksey, an adaptation of Frank Harris’s autobiography My Life and Loves (1922-27) starring Leonard Rossiter as Frank.

There is an amusing scene at 56:29 at the Cafe Royal with Ernest Dowson, Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, Lord Alfred Douglas and Whistler which gives an idea of the boasting of Harris.

And at 35:20 one hears Carlyle say to Frank:

“I did not consummate my marriage Frank … my poor Jane died a virgin.”

A quick search finds that the phrase “Jane Welsh Carlyle died a virgin” is featured in David Markson’s ‘novel’ The Last Novel.

Part of the fun of the writings of Frank Harris is not only the sex bits, but the self-aggrandizing demeanor of Frank.

This is a very enjoyable play, I imagine it to be the best quick introduction to the person and writings of Frank Harris.

RIP Lonnie Simmons (date of birth unknown – 2019)

RIP Lonnie Simmons, American record producer (“Don’t Stop the Music“).

Don’t Stop the Music” (1981)

Lonnie Simmons was an American record producer best-known for co-writing “Don’t Stop the Music” (1978).

In 1981, the song was successfully covered by Bits & Pieces [above].

“Knee 1” is WMC #915


Knee 1” is a segment from the opera Einstein on the Beach (1976), an opera scored and written by Philip Glass.

The 1978 recording above was released by Columbia Masterworks Records, with an illustration by Milton Glaser. The solo voice is by Iris Hiskey.

“Knee 1” is World Music Classic #915