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RIP Chris Burden (1946-2015)

Chris Burden (April 11, 1946 – May 10, 2015) was an American artist working in performance, sculpture, and installation art.


Video: Shoot (1971), in which Burden was shot by a rifle in his left arm by an assistant from a distance of about five meters, an early example of body art.

His later work is less harsh.

World Art Classic #462

I’ve always had mixed feelings about the work and person of Marina Abramović, but yesterday, while leafing through a book titled Love I stumbled upon a photo of Rest Energy, a 1980 performance piece by Marina and Ulay.

I was immediately taken by it.

I’d seen it before, but had forgotten about it.

I do think it works better as a photo than as a film.

It is World Art Classic #193.