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RIP Jeroen Brouwers (1940 – 2022)

Jeroen Brouwers was a Dutch writer known for such novels as Sunken Red (1981).

Sunken Red, Cassiers play.

Sunken Red (1981) is the story of the author locked up with his mother in a Japanese concentration camp.

Published after the death of his mother, it is a reflection of the coping process of his years in these Japanese internment camps. 

Guy Cassiers directed a play based on the English translation of the book. It starred Dirk Roofthooft.

RIP Lino Capolicchio (1943 – 2022)

Lino Capolicchio was an Italian actor, screenwriter, and director known for performances in such films as Escalation (1968), The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (1970) and The House with Laughing Windows (1976).

Opening scene to Escalation, a film qualifiable as the Italian version of The Trip . Lino is the young man on the bicycle.

RIP Klaus Schulze (1947 – 2022)

“Tango-Saty” is on the Daily Fingertracks

Klaus Schulze was a German composer and musician, a pioneer in electronic music. Briefly a member of the Krautrock bands Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, and the Cosmic Jokers he launched a solo career consisting of more than 60 albums.

“Ttransfer Station Blue”, scrub to 3:40 to find the fragment that DJ Harvey has been known to play.

In my universe he is known for such compositions as “Tango-Saty” (1983) and “Transfer Station Blue” (1984).

Angst. Check that film.

He also composed soundtracks for films such as Angst (1983).