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From top to bottom: Metaphor (1972) by Hawkes, Shipwreck With Spectator (1979) by Hans Blumenberg, The Philosophy of Rhetoric (1936) by I. A. Richards, A Grammar of Metaphor (1958) by Brooke-Rose and Paradigms for a Metaphorology (1960) by Blumenberg.

Studies in metaphorology

It’s good to live in a city.

From the UA library on 3/10/19:

From top to bottom: Metaphor (1972) by Hawkes, Shipwreck With Spectator (1979) by Hans Blumenberg, The Philosophy of Rhetoric (1936) by I. A. Richards, A Grammar of Metaphor (1958) by Brooke-Rose and Paradigms for a Metaphorology (1960) by Blumenberg.

“You’ve invented a metaphor!”

One of the most beautiful scenes in cinema is the invention-of-a-metaphor scene in in Il PostinoAn eager-to-learn mailman becomes seasick after listening to a poem of a restless sea recited by Pablo Neruda. He feels like he were “tossing on words”.

Pablo Neruda[after reading a poem] What do you think?

Mario Ruoppolo: I felt seasick, in fact.

Mario Ruoppolo: I can’t explain it. I felt like…like a boat tossing around on those words.[…]

Pablo Neruda: Do you know what you’ve done, Mario?

Mario Ruoppolo: No, what?

Pablo Neruda: You’ve invented a metaphor. Yes, you have!