World cinema classics #27


Miami Blues (1990) – George Armitage

“With only bottles of spaghetti sauce…”

The main character, Fred Frenger, played by Alec Baldwin, fits the profile of a psychopath. His girlfriend is Jennifer Jason Leigh. Very violent and terribly funny. Based on the novel of the same name by Charles Willeford.

The song in the background is “Spirit in the Sky.” Listen to it here.

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3 thoughts on “World cinema classics #27

  1. Cliff Burns

    This one dropped off most people’s radars, including folks who should have known better. Terrific cast and a punchy script, what else could you ask for? Hopefully the video/DVD format will restore this lost beauty to the status it deserves…

  2. jahsonic


    I’m working from memory here too, and of course over the years my tastes have probably changed, but I remember being exhilarated. But at the time when they came out, when I was in my twenties, I also loved high-concept films such as the Terminator.

    Recently I saw the French film Yamakasi: fast cutting, heroic storyline, acrobatics, beautiful images, it still works for me. I’m hesitant to feature these films as world cinema classics, maybe I should start a category “underrated sleepers”, or “small films that made a big impression”.

    Of course, this particular film features a psychopath, and I love stories with psychopaths, sociopaths and unreliable narrators.


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