World music classics #16


“Girl You Need A Change Of Mind” (1973) Eddie Kendricks

It would  have been Eddie’s 68th birthday today had he not died 15 years ago. “Girl You Need A Change Of Mind” is an example of what I would call proto-disco.

Proto-disco = disco before the twelve inch, disco avant la lettre.

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2 thoughts on “World music classics #16

  1. jahsonic

    Thanks for the heads up. Your blog seems interesting too. I like the thought of Fanon.

    I recently found out that he even talked about human penis size:

    One of the earliest researchers on the subject, Frantz Fanon, covers this subject in some detail in Black Skin, White Masks (1952), where he tends towards the view that the supposed positive correlation between penis size and African ancestry is erroneous.

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