World music classic #34


Theme De Yo Yo” is a musical composition by American jazz band Art Ensemble of Chicago with vocals by Fontella Bass. The composition was part of the soundtrack to the 1971 French film Les Stances à Sophie and was first compiled on the 1995 Soul Jazz Records free jazz compilation Universal Sounds Of America.

AEOC recorded this album when they were staying in Paris in the early 1970s. Did they also record at that time “Comme à La Radio” (Brigitte Fontaine; Areski)?

Words to describe the track are: fierce.

2 thoughts on “World music classic #34

  1. Valter

    Yes, they did. They went to France, and recorded ‘Reese and the Smooth Ones’ and ‘A Jackson In Your House’, Message to Our Folks’ (all 1969) ‘ and ‘Seasons’ (1970) for BYG, as well as the album with Fontaine and Areski.

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