World music classics #26


Currently in heavy rotation is this track by Hercules and Love Affair. For a longer mix of better quality check Hercules & Love Affair on Myspace.

I’ve heard two remixes, which were unremarkable.

Best track of 2008, so far. The video reminds me of Moroder’s “Knights in White Satin” sleeve art. The whole track is Moroder/Cowley – influenced, not strange if you consider that the track is published by DFA Records, the leading label of electroclash (the eighties revival that has taken the dance music world by storm since 2002/2003 and which was the ideal soundtrack to accompany the nihilism of the post-dot-com era.)

Update: full lyrics,  the percussion on the MySpace version of this track reminds me of musical drummer hero Earl Young, and who does the horns? They are sublime.

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