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Coke? The perfect commodity.

Coke? The perfect commodity. Why?

In The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology documentary Slavoj Žižek explains.

The documentary is now online in full. (update: the documentary was taken offline a few days after I had posted it.)

Slavoj Žižek is unique in using films to prove philosophical points, see film and philosophy.

The full text of the The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology is here[1].


Sex: The Revolution (2008)

Sex: The Revolution (2008) was a four-part documentary miniseries that chronicled the history of sexual culture in America from the 1950s through the turn of the millenium. Ironically, the version shown on VH1 was pixelated to censor nudity including in discussions of censorship of nudity.

I’m afraid this is that pixelated version.

Nevertheless, they are all here. Follow the links[1][2][3][4].

Previously on this blog: Do Communists Have Better Sex?[5], 2006, a documentary by André Meier


“Knee 1” is WMC #915

Knee 1” is a segment from the opera Einstein on the Beach (1976), an opera scored and written by Philip Glass.

The 1978 recording above was released by Columbia Masterworks Records, with an illustration by Milton Glaser. The solo voice is by Iris Hiskey.

“Knee 1” is World Music Classic #915


Saw the play Liefdesverklaring with my students at De Studio, Antwerp by Fabuleus.

Liefdesverklaring  (lit. declaration of love) is based on Offending the Audience (1966, German: Publikumsbeschimpfung) by Peter Handke, an anti-play that breaks the fourth wall.

Publikumsbeschimpfung can be seen in full above.