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RIP Mariano Laurenti (1929 – 2022)

Mariano Laurenti was an Italian film director known for his work in the commedia sexy all’italiana genre.

Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (1972)

In that genre he directed several films in the ‘decamerotico’ subgenre, like the one above.

Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (1972) is nothing more than one big excuse to show the naked breasts of Edwige Fenech and Karin Schubert.

RIP Peter Bogdanovich (1939 – 2022)

Peter Bogdanovich was an American director and general film person.

To me, he is an integral part of the Roger Corman phenomenenon.

Of all his films, I have the fondest memories of Paper Moon, I remember the beginning of that film vividly.

Above, a documentary by a certain Adam Hulin.

Happy new year from us.