RIP Franco Battiato (1945 – 2021)

Franco Battiato was an Italian composer, writer, filmmaker, and painter.

His name is on the ‘Nurse with Wound list’ and his compositions are in the ‘Caribou 1000’ and on the ‘Daily Fingertracks’.

His debut albums Fetus (1972) and Pollution (1972) are typical for the beginning of his career. He made these albums when he was 27.

I wrote something here about peak creativity but erased it. Notions such as ‘late bloomer’, ‘child prodigy’, ‘imperial phase’, ‘genius’ and ‘talent’ and artists such as David Bowie, Lee Perry and Goya crossed my thoughts.

Battato was new to me. I enjoyed him immensely yesterday. An old adagium of me comes to mind. Something about looking for beauty in unexpected places.