RIP Vangelis (1943 – 2022)

Blade Runner (1982)

Vangelis was a Greek composer known for film music such as Blade Runner (1982), “Chariots of Fire” (1981) and “1492: Conquest of Paradise” (1992) on the one hand; and pop songs such as “Let It Happen” (1973), “State of Independence” (1981) and “I’ll Find My Way Home” (1981) on the other.

“Chariots of Fire” (1981)
“1492: Conquest of Paradise” (1992)
Let It Happen” (1973)
“State of Independence” (1981), this is the 1982 cover by Donna Summer
“I’ll Find My Way Home” (1981)

He also wrote the OST to Bitter Moon (1992) by Polanski.