Introducing Joel Brodsky (1939 – 2007)

via Joel Brodsky Joel Brodsky, American photographer, noted for Ohio Players album cover photography.


Joel Brodsky (7 October 1939 – 1 March 2007) , American photographer, best-known for his risqué Ohio Players album cover photography. His photographs are also featured on the covers of The DoorsStrange Days[1], The Stooges debut album[2], Herbie Mann’s Memphis Underground[3] and the Ohio Players’ Ecstasy[4] and Pleasure[5].

His best-known picture, according to a Washington Post story, was used as the cover of the 1985 The Best of The Doors[6] album. It made in late 1966 and shows a bare-chested Jim Morrison of the Doors, with his arms outstretched.

Brodsky’s photographs appeared on over 400 album covers.

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  1. Rick

    I’ll bite. I’ll be the first. Joel Brodsky was part of my childhood. There’s not one Ohio Players album I don’t have in my collection that Brodsky didn’t shoot. Yeah I was a teenager. A growing young man with Ohio Players album covers to keep me company. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNGEL!!!!!

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