RIP Tempest Storm (1928 – 2021)

Teaserama (1955)

Tempest Storm was an American burlesque star. Burlesque was a tem invented as an ameliorative for striptease.

In the history of American erotica, burlesque films came just before nudist films. One difference between the two genres was that during the era of burlesque, pasties were used, while the nudism of nudist films provided an excuse to show full nudity, as far as toplessness went.

To my surprise the film above, Teaserama (1955) also includes silly skits in the style:

  • “he’s so honest he finds things before they are lost”
  • “he studied for a doctor once, the doctor was too busy to study for himself”
  • “he treated a man for five years before he found out the guy was a chinaman.”