What makes European erotic films of the seventies “euro chic” variety particularly interesting …

Giulio Romano 3


Monamour, fresco footage at :10

“I had never heard of Tinto Brass until the late 1970s when I read an interview he gave to Gideon Bachmann in The London Times (Wednesday, 3 August 1977, p. 13). His remarks sufficiently intrigued me to begin a decades-long search, a search that for many years turned up almost nothing apart from tantalizing articles in trade papers. Since the autumn of 2000, though, thanks to friends in Italy, on-line overseas shopping, and eBay, I’ve been able to locate a fair number of Brass’s creations. I had been expecting at least a few of his earlier films to be excellent, but I wasn’t expecting them to be quite as good as they actually turned out to be. –RJBuffalo, a pseudonym of Ranjit Sandhu

This I read in the early 2000s when I discovered the site http://www.geocities.com/busterktn, a site hosted at Yahoo/Geocities, of which the author says it was “deleted without notice or explanation. They deleted all my email messages too.” I believe him. Yahoo did the same to my site in 2004.

Last week, I found the same site, back online, now hosted under its own domain name, http://www.rjbuffalo.com, a pleasure for the eye and the brain.

Brass is one of Jahsonic’s canonical filmmakers. Researching him today brought footage of Monamour, in which Marta visits a museum, I presume in Mantua and admires  scatological (see comment 1) frescoes by – again I presume – by Giulio Romano in – presuming further – the Palazzo del Te.

Giulio Romano

Palazzo del Te frescoes

Giulio Romano 2

Palazzo del Te fresco (detail)

As Sholem Stein has noted: “What makes European erotic films of the seventies “euro chic” variety particularly interesting is the fact that Europe has the scenery, and the best cinematic euro chic erotomaniacs (Tinto Brass, Just Jaeckin, etc…) have put it to use. There is a reason why Radley Metzger came to Europe in the seventies to film his softcore visual extravaganzas.”

7 thoughts on “What makes European erotic films of the seventies “euro chic” variety particularly interesting …

  1. jahsonic

    Oooops, I stand corrected, my mind is playing tricks on me, what I had taken as horses’ farts are actually just …. yes …. horses’ tales.


  2. Matteo

    I’m looking for a needle in a haystack, almost literally. A European softcore flick from the 70s which would have been shown on Cinemax After Dark or some other such cable outlet no later than 1991. The most striking scene I remember about it was an INCREDIBLE tasteful and erotic girl/girl scene…against a black background…with both girls in clown makeup. I remember another scene that feature a woman having ice cream scooped onto her chest…anyway, if ANYONE out there can help me identify and track down this film, I’d be VERY grateful….



  3. jahsonic

    Sounds like an interesting film, but does not ring a bell. I have a mystery film too:

    There is an Italian movie in which the characters go to a cinema to see a western movie and one of the cowboys shoots a member of the audience, leaving a little hole in the screen. Can anyone remember the name of this movie?

  4. Manny

    I’m looking for an early 1980s or late 70s film about a young man left behind on a farm (possibly WW II Italy) while all the men are drafted to fight at the front. The young man has erotic trmptations with all the wives in this small community, including a much older woman who seduces him in the top hallow of a barm, and she says “Touche le” exposing her breasts. The film is extremely erotic but it can’t be a Tinto bass clasic, maybe a short?

  5. Manny

    Incredible artwork from MonAmour and sensitive sexuality, but we were limited in Canada to a late night Euro film show called “Bleu Nuit” playing films such as la Sposina, Beso Del Sueno, Oh Serafina, Emmanuelle, and of course Malizia, Paprika, & La Chiave.

    It (Coming of age film circa WW II) might of been Hungarian, French or maybe Nordic but google has been no help so far or even Blogs.

    Sadly the Quebec based tv show was yanked from the airwaves after complaints from puritain Ontario residents.

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