World music classics #39, 40 and 41

Beastie Boys - Cooky puss
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From: iwillluvher
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Ciccone Youth -
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From: dipsetmuthafucka
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Liquid Liquid -
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Notes: There is a better version on Youtube of “Cavern” (sound-wise), but the one featured here has the original music video, and the only one commissioned by New York record label 99 Records. “Cooky Puss” was a revelation when it came out, and my first exposure to the Beastie Boys. “Into the Groove(y)” was also my first exposure to SY, there are two alternative versions of this Madonna spoof/cover.

If you have the time, check dipsetmuthafucka‘s Youtube channel, he, or rather his musical selection, is the incarnation of taste.

5 thoughts on “World music classics #39, 40 and 41

  1. dr727

    Great set. All are long-time favorites of mine, and all from the same time in my life. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Ned Baker

    No! 🙂 But the Beastie Boys I do enjoy.

    By the way, I’m loving your series of posts on cultural stereotypes, such as “Every woman adores a fascist.” Great work synthesizing these broad concepts. I’m in the middle of an essay that explores the American myth of the “self-made” man through four 80’s films (Elizabeth Traube in Culture/Power/History… I’ll try to embed a link here). Although I’m uncomfortable with some of the spurious conclusions in the essay, it’s been a good read. I enjoy pondering these stereotypes/myths, especially with respect to how they shape our thinking subconsciously.

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