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RIP Vlado Milunić (1941 – 2022)

Het ‘dansende’ huis in kwestie.

Vlado Milunić was een Tsjechisch architect bekend omwille van het gebouw Dancing House (1996) in Praag.

Hij ontwierp die getorste structuur samen met de Amerikaan Frank Gehry.

Het gebouw wordt tot de klassiekers der postmoderne architectuur gerekend.

Ook de haast betekenisloze term deconstructivisme wordt er graag op geplakt.

RIP Jorge Grau (1930 – 2018)

Jorge Grau was a Spanish film director who worked in the age of the sexual revolution which came late in Spain because of censorship in Francoist Spain.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)
The Bloody Countess

To the illustrious history of Spanish horror film, Grau contributed The Bloody Countess (1973) and Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974), the first film on Elizabeth Báthory, the second on zombies.

To the not so illustrious history of Spanish erotica, he contributed the film La trastienda, the first Spanish film to feature full frontal nudity. The film touches upon sexual repression and Opus Dei.

Cantudo sings “Desnudame”, in the background are excerpts from “La trastienda’

 María José Cantudo was the actress who was first seen nude on Spanish cinema screens in La trastienda. While researching Grau, it also came to my attention that Cantudo recorded a song called “Desnuda me”, Spanish for “Unrobe me”.

In the part on Spanish horror of the documentary Eurotika!, Jorge Grau is featured on 18:50 [above].