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RIP Quentin Fiore (1920 – 2019)

This happened two years ago but I only just found out.

Quentin Fiore was an American graphic designer best-known for The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects (1967) which he made with Marshall McLuhan, being a rumination on the adagium the medium is the message.

1967 recording based on the book, part 1
1967 recording based on the book, part 2

RIP Gottfried Böhm (1920 – 2021)

Maria, Königin des Friedens (detail)

Gottfried Böhm was a German architect and sculptor. His reputation is based on creating highly sculptural buildings made of concrete, steel, and glass.

He is best-known for the brutalist church Maria, Königin des Friedens.

Other brutalist churches include Wotruba Church.