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RIP Peter Lamborn Wilson (1945 – 2022)

T.A.Z. (1994)

Peter Lamborn Wilson (1945 – 2022), also known as Hakim Bey was an American anarchist author and poet, primarily known for his concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones, short-lived spaces which elude formal structures of control. He also coined the term pirate utopia, released books such as Immediatism (1994) and recorded with Bill Laswell on the album T.A.Z. (1994).

RIP Quentin Fiore (1920 – 2019)

This happened two years ago but I only just found out.

Quentin Fiore was an American graphic designer best-known for The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects (1967) which he made with Marshall McLuhan, being a rumination on the adagium the medium is the message.

1967 recording based on the book, part 1
1967 recording based on the book, part 2

RIP Larry King (1933-2021)

Spin (1995)

Larry King was an American talk show host iconic in the 1990s. He was called the father of talk show democracy and was instrumental in the development of infotainment.

His whole era is captured by the superb documentary Spin.

In that documentary, he can be seen talking to G. W. Bush on the merits of the drug Halcion at 5:40.