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It’s Jahsonic fave Alain Robbe-Grillet day at Dennis Cooper’s [1].

I am honored to have received by John Coulthart the “Arte y pico” award [2].

I’d like to pass the meme to Au carrefour étrange[3], Dennis Cooper [4], Hugo Strikes Back[5], PonyXpress[6], and Trevor Brown[7].

My criterium for selecting these blogs was my willingness to click their new posts when checking my RSS feeds.

The best analysis of this type of internet memes is by Surreal Documents [8], a post he wrote at the occasion of the Thinking Blogger Award we were awarded.

Introducing French Book Covers

French blog Au carrefour étrange has ceased its activities for the time being and started a new blog called French book covers [1] which is illustrated with a chic cover photo [2] by the Italian designer and photographer Carlo Mollino. Its author, who goes by the pseudo of Losfeld, has a very extensive collection of books, running the gamut from surrealist theory to sleazy paperbacks, what I like to call nobrow.

A recent post[3] at this new blog featured cover art by French publishing house La Brigandine, for which Jahsonic regular Jean-Pierre Bouyxou has written novels under the pseudonym Georges Le Gloupier before that name was appropriated by the entarteur Noël Godin, a highschool buddy of Bouyxou. One particular of those novels is called Les Accidents de l’amer (Eng: Accidents of the Sea, or accidents of Bitterness, depending on where you place the apostrophe or blank space) and has one of the sexiest covers[4] I’ve seen in some time, due to the particular areola shape of the woman depicted.

I cannot pinpoint (or haven’t tried) the date of these publications, but I would gather mid to late 1970s.

Elsewhere #7

  1. A Funny Thing Happened on His Way to the Movies « OMBRES BLANCHES

    Did Dulac betray Artaud’s intentions?
  2. Morbid Anatomy: Wonderful Depiction of a Popular Anatomical Museum, 1913

    “A. Friedländer, Plakat für ein anatomisches Museum, Hamburg, 1913”

  3. documents: Mauss / Bataille (part 1)

    There is a strong thematic unity between the teachings of the great French ethnologist Marcel Mauss and the work of the so-called ‘philosopher of evil’, Georges Bataille: sacrifice, the sacred, power, shamanism, secret societies are themes that were taken up by Mauss and figured largely in Bataille’s oeuvre.

  4. Cimetières dans la falaise [Cemeteries in the cliffs] « >dmtls Merzbau

    documentary by Jean Rouch on the Dogon [in Mali], shot during a 1950-1951 expedition with Marcel Griaul. Witness sacred death and burial rituals

  5. Propaganda Postcards of the Great War – Alberto Martini (1)

    Introducing Alberto Martini’s horrific cartoons
  6. DC’s: The day my blog becomes a movie projector, screen, a bunch of folding chairs, and a storefront in a bad part of town in honor of Bruce Conner

    Dennis Cooper on Bruce Connor

  7. The art of Jean-Paul Faccon

    Another European artist who enjoys invented and ruined architecture.

Farewell Woebot (2003 -2008)

RIP Woebot (2003 – 2008) [1].

Sad, after Giornale Nuovo quit last year, musical blog Woebot decided to do the same. He will be sorely missed. If you are new to his writing just check his penultimate entry on jazz.

Questions have been raised (by John Coulthart amongst others, though I can’t find his post) on what will happen to the archives of the writing of these wonderful blogs. Other than books, which are disseminated, web content is stored in a centralized fashion. If a source disappears,  it’s usually gone forever. Services such as the Wayback machine may help. Check the archives for Woebot there.

Elsewhere #6

Esotika on Philippe Grandrieux ‘s Sombre [1] and Lemateurdart on Vito Acconci [2] [3] and a seriously amusing piece on the war of the sexes by Gu Dexin [4].

I’ve been checking the British MP3 blog 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Throbbing Gristle album namesake) off and on for the last couple of years, but I’ve never properly introduced it. Its recent post on 80’s Groove “More Nostalgia for the better remembered 80s” provides me with an excellent opportunity to do so. I advise to listen to the quaaludy “Coyote- Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)” by Tim Sure.

Esotika’s exotica

Mike from Esotika introduces himself

I’m currently an undergraduate student in the process of getting my BFA in Photography at Northern Illinois University. … I’m 21 years old and only have a few semesters left before I’ll be applying to graduate schools.

Il Giornale Nuovo quits after five years

Luigi Serafini’s book Pulcinellopedia Piccola

From Luigi Serafini s book Pulcinellopedia Piccola

Il Giornale Nuovo (2002 – 2007) was a visual arts blog. Its author wrote in praise of miscellaneity:

“I WRITE in praise of miscellaneity, and in particular of assortment and variousness in books; of motley volumes; of mixed-up, impure works which nevertheless accord with the mess & disorder of nature, of life.”

From its first post, to its last, a very inspired work. It will be sorely missed.

I’m sure he will be back.

Elsewhere #5

Surreal documents has three clips by Antonio Margheriti and three by Jesus Franco.

Musically, there is { feuilleton } with an extended profile on Street Sounds Electro and lots of audio via Youtube, praising the music just as much as the sleeve design. Also electro-ish is DJ Martian’s posting of Pink Industry’s What I Wouldn’t Give.

Giornale Nuovo reports on Érik Desmazières. I need to do more with ouvrage, a French adult comics history checklist. Lovely seated female nude by Prudhon.

*A Clockwork monk (automaton)

*Morbid Anatomy: Saul Chernick, 21st Century

*Dutch language dissertation on Unica Zürn(PDF).

Elsewhere #4

The photographs of Jana Hojstricová depict a woman dressed up in tight and transparent clothes made from foil. via MOON RIVER, a newly discovered blog, which I should’ve found a long time ago. Fabulous. More on the photographic front is the city photography of Eugene de Salignac, a beautiful photograph of a girl undressing at the beach, the fetish photography of China Hamilton. Then there is a very special 18th-century coffee service, a new blog I’d like to present: gimcrack hospital (PG) (Gimcrack represents what I like best about blogs, succeeding in making a fictional place, in this case, a mental institution where Nurse Myra works). I have a Youtube clip from an old skool house music classic. L’Alamblog presents BIZARRE (nouvelle série, n° 31, 3e trimestre 1963). Censorshipwise there is a perfect illustration to forbidden libraries, a piece on German censorship in the 20th century. The always associative Quick Study on (un)satisfaction and Dennis Cooper gives you the funk.