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RIP Gift of Gab (1971 – 2021)

Gift of Gab’s Greatest Misses Vol. I Track 7: Way of the Light

Gift of Gab was an American singer-songwriter working in hip hop music.

The Gift of Gab “Everything Is Fine (ft Latyrx & George Clinton)”

MF Doom, who was also born in 1971,  died a couple of months ago. Both him and Gift of Gab were known for their multisyllabic rhymes.

The most inspiring figure in hip hop today is Madlib.

RIP MF Doom (1971 – 2020)

MF Doom was a British-born American rapper. He died two months ago, but news came out only recently.

Like Sun Ra, who he sampled more than once, MF Doom builds his own universe. It is not difficult to see how he influenced Tyler, the Creator, another voice in hip hop I appreciate.

Like Buckethead, MF Doom wore a mask during concerts.