Introducing Anton Solomoukha and Icon of Erotic Art #53

Via Ponyxpress comes Anton Solomoukha


Anton Solomoukha (born 1945, Kiev) is an Ukrainian painter and photographer, currently living in Paris, France. He graduated from the Fine Arts School of Kiev and left the USSR in 1978. His works are mostly neoclassicist; Sigmund Freud, eroticism and psychoanalysis are recurring themes in his works.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Anton Solomoukha and Icon of Erotic Art #53

  1. K. Glerup

    Ha, ha is Anton still at work!? (I should have foreseen that bits and pieces of my past would surface on my favorite blogs.)

    When I lived in Paris at the beginning of the nineties, I met Anton through a friend.
    I remember his attempt to entertain me by explaining the annoyancies of making a good pornscene work. (He started up in Paris as film photographer of porn movies, he explained.) His conversation was, at the same time dull and vulgar, I concluded – Only a twenty year-old can be that sure of her own judgement!

    I agree, this photo is quite nice.

    Thanks for this the blog. I’m a regular reader – Hi!

    K. Glerup, Copenhagen.

  2. jahsonic


    If I understand correctly, you are one of the ladies in the tableau? My guess is the central figure with the red hat?


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