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RIP Keith Levene (1957 – 2022)

“Death Disco” (1979)

Keith Levene was een Engels gitarist die ik ooit door wat gericht gegoogel op het spoor kwam.

Hij maakte deel uit van The Clash en van Public Image Ltd, Johnny Rottens project na de Sex Pistols.

Hierboven hoort u hem op “Death Disco” (1978). U kan hem ook zien want hoe gek het ook klinkt, ze kwamen ermee op Top of the Pops.

RIP Keith Levene

RIP Greg Tate (1957 – 2021)

Greg Tate was was an American writer, musician, and producer.

Track from All You Zombies Dig The Luminosity! (2017)

A long-time critic for The Village Voice, Tate focused particularly on African-American music and culture.

Also a musician himself, he was a founding member of the Black Rock Coalition and the leader of Burnt Sugar.

He is known for such pieces as “Yo! Hermeneutics!” (1985) and was interviewed by Mark Dery in “Black to the Future” (1994), making Tate a key figure in the protohistory of black science fiction.

Some have called a rogue scholar and when one reads “Yo! Hermeneutics!”, one does get the feeling of having landed in an African-American version of the Sokal affair.