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RIP Ramsey Lewis (1935 – 2022)

“The ‘In’ Crowd”

Ramsey Lewis was an American pianist and occasional composer working in the smooth jazz idiom. Lewis recorded over 80 albums, most of them featuring cover songs. He is known for such recordings as “The ‘In’ Crowd” (1965), “Wade in the Water” (1966), “Quinn the Eskimo (Mighty Quinn)” (1968), “Sun Goddess” (1974) and “Les Fleurs” (1983).

RIP Creed Taylor (1929 – 2022)

Creed Taylor was an American record producer and trumpeter known for two things. First, for bringing bossa nova to the United States and secondly, for his work in smooth jazz.

“Bloop Bleep” (1965) by Gary McFarland

Prompted by Taylor’s death, I’ve been listening to “Bloop Bleep” (1965) by Gary McFarland and, to a lesser extent, to “Nautilus” (1974) by Bob James.

Nautilus” (1974) by Bob James

Taylor released Shock Music In Hi-Fi (1958) and Panic – Son Of Shock (1960) as The Creed Taylor Orchestra.

 Shock Music In Hi-Fi (1958)
“Out of This World” (1960) from Panic – Son Of Shock (1960)