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RIP Jet Black (1938 – 2022)

“Golden Brown” (1981)

Jet Black was een Engels drummer en mede-oprichter van de band The Stranglers.

‘De Wurgers’ dus, wat in het Nederlands wel een beetje raar klinkt.

Jet Black was mede-auteur van de compositie “Golden Brown” (1981), een heel bijzondere song. Een soort wals. Er is geopperd dat het over heroine gaat. Goudbruin. Misschien dan in de lijn van de ‘bruine suiker’ (“brown sugar”) waar The Rolling Stones het over hadden?

Rust zacht Brian.

RIP Gerd Dudek (1938 – 2022)

De Duitse saxofonist Gerd Dudek stierf. Hij werd 84.

Wolfgang Dauner + Gert Dudek + Jean-Luc Ponty 1967 NDR – Sketch Up & Down´er

Dudek behoort tot de garde van de oude Europese free jazz royalty waar ook de recent overleden Belg Fred Van Hove toe behoorde.

RIP Gerd Dudek

RIP Hermann Nitsch (1938 – 2022)

Concrete Flesh concert with projection of Hermann Nitsch”

Hermann Nitsch was an Austrian artist who is known for his transgressive performance art.

His seven minute short “Maria-Conception-Action: Hermann Nitsch” (1969) illustrates how the past is a foreign country.

The performance is a combination of a sadomasochistic performance, artsploitation and carnography.

A typical scene from Herman Nitsch’s happenings featured cruelty, sexuality, blood and violence.

In the “Maria-Conception-Action: Hermann Nitsch” a young women is crucified and defiled with a disemboweled lamb carcass.

That film is not featured on YouTube but it can be faintly seen on footage of a concert by the band Concrete Flesh.

The closest I ever came to witnessing a spectacle like this is, is seeing Tier Mon (1988) by La Fura dels Baus in Antwerp when I was 23. And then there was Abattoir Fermé, the Belgian theater group whose aesthetics sometimes flirt somewhat with that of Nitsch.

RIP Piera Degli Esposti (1938 – 2021)

Piera Degli Esposti was an Italian actress known for performances in films such as Il Divo (2008).

The film The Story of Piera (1983), directed by Marco Ferreri, was based on a book of hers, but she did not star in that film.

Scene from The Story of Piera (1983)