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RIP Louise Fletcher (1934 – 2022)

Verpleegster Ratched vernedert een jonge Brad Dourif in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Louise Fletcher was een Amerikaanse actrice vooral bekend van haar rol als Nurse Ratched, de even ongenaakbare als gevoelloze hoofdverpleegster in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) van Miloš Forman, gebaseerd op de anti-psychiatrische roman met dezelfde titel van Ken Kesey.

Fletchers rol in Cuckoo’s Nest is een voorbeeld van de de sadistisch gevangenisbewaarster verhaallijn die tot haar volste expressie kwam in exploitatiefilms zoals Ilsa, de wolvin van de SS (1974).

Tot een van de eerste sadistische machtswellustelingen van vrouwelijke kunne wordt moeder-overste Sainte-Christine van De Non (1796) van Diderot gerekend.

Louise Fletcher speelde ook een hoofdrol in de redelijk geweldige film Brainstorm (1983) van Douglas Trumbull, die eerder dit jaar overleed.

RIP Louise Fletcher.

RIP Veronica Carlson (1944 – 2022)

Veronica Carlson on the cover of Midi Minuit Fantastique 21 (1970).

Veronica Carlson was a British actress best known for playing in Hammer horror films.

Above she takes refuge behind a cross in Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968).

The publicity shot is from the cover of Midi Minuit Fantastique 21 (1970).

RIP Françoise Arnoul (1931 – 2021)

 Post Coitum, Animal Triste (1997)

Françoise Arnoul was a French actress known for her parts in French CancanThe Devil and the Ten Commandments and Forbidden Fruit; and not so much for her part in Post Coitum, Animal Triste (1997). However, I show you the trailer of that film, because of its title, which I have been able to trace into the 16th century, in the work of Jean Benedict in La somme des péchés et le remède d’iceux (1595).

RIP Cloris Leachman (1926 – 2021)

Cloris Leachman was an American actress with a long an fruitful career.

I give you a fragment from The Last Picture Show (1971) in which she is a wife angry at her husband.

And one set of fragments from the Young Frankenstein (1974), where she famously is Frau Blücher, and everytime her name is pronounced the horses start to whinny, neigh and rear.

The Last Picture Show (1971)
 Young Frankenstein (1974)

RIP Irm Hermann (1942 – 2020)

Irm Hermann was a German actress best known for her films with Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

In Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974), she is the girlfriend of racist Eugen (Fassbinder).

Things come to a crisis when her mother (Brigitte Mira) falls in love with a Moroccan Gastarbeiter (migrant worker).

Researching this death, I came across an interview with a very lovable Brigitte Mira and her relationship to director Fassbinder.

RIP Monique Mercure (1930 – 2020)

Monique Mercure was a Canadian actress.

In the scene above she is Fadela, the housekeeper in Naked Lunch (1991) who chases away the penis-buttocks-cartilage centipede.

The scene is known as the mujahideen’s scene, because that is the name of the typewriter.

In this particular scene actress Judy Davis sits on the lap of Peter Weller. They represent Burroughs and his wife. They take a drug named majoun. Judy Davis is typing on a typewriter. On the paper Arabic words appear. Peter Weller tells her to write dirtier prose, meaning more erotic, more pornographic. As the words become filthier the typewriter starts to enjoy the prose more. It starts undulating under her fingers, giving way, until it finally opens up and shows its fleshy vaginal innards. Judy Davis introduces her hands. She licks Peter Weller’s fingers. A penis emerges from the innards of the typewriter. They start kissing and making out.

Next scene. Judy and Peter are in bed together. Clothed A penis-like centipede with buttocks and cartilage jumps from what appears to be a cupboard with them in bed. We Just before it jumps there is a shot of ‘it’ showing other vagina-like orifices. It flaps around them in bed in a bizarre threesome, making squishy sounds.

A woman comes in with a whip. This is Fadela played by Monique Mercure. She chides the centipede, chasing it outside. It jumps from the balcony and when it hits the ground, it transforms into the typewriter.