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RIP John Goodsall (1953 – 2021)

John Goodsall was an American-British rock guitarist known for his work with Atomic Rooster and Brand X.

Unorthodox Behaviour (1976)

Goodsall worked in the jazz fusion and prog rock idioms, genres which can be quite boring, except when compiled on such albums as Prog Is Not a Four Letter Word (2005) by Andy Votel.

RIP Ryo Kawasaki (1947 – 2020)

Ryo Kawasaki was a Japanese jazz fusion guitarist, composer and band leader of international acclaim.

“Trinkets and Things” (1978)

His best known compositions are “Bamboo Child” (1976), “Trinkets and Things” (1978) and “Hawaiian Caravan” (1982).

“Bamboo Child” (1976), from the album Juice.

Stanislaw Fernandes did the artwork for the album Juice (1976).

RIP Lyle Mays (1953 – 2020)

Lyle Mays was an American musician.

He shares writing credits on “This Is Not America” (1985)

This Is Not America” (1985)

I saw the film that composition stems from. I saw that film when it came out and never forgot the music. I later bought the twelve inch. I sold my collection of records when I moved into my current apartment in 2015.

RIP Dave Samuels (1948 – 2019)

Dave Samuels was an American percussionist known for his work with the jazz fusion group Spyro Gyra.

His composition “New Math” (1988) was included on Joe Claussell’s compilation Music… A Reason To Celebrate (2001).

He is one of those unsung heroes like Daniel Ponce, another percussionist who died in 2013 but whose death only came to my attention this February.[1]