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Public domain images from ‘Male Fantasies’ (1977/78)

I recently purchased the two volumes of Male Fantasies (1977/78). It’s a weird work. It is a psychoanalytic portrait of the German Nazi soldier and a classic in the field of right-wing/fascist ideology. The book is full of illustrations. I decided to upload the ones that are in the public domain.

The books are profusely illustrated with material varying from Grandville to Poitevin, from Crumb to Hergé and Donald Duck and from Nazi propaganda to 18th century satirotica.

I bought this book following my reading of Langs de afgrond van Heumakers, Le sec et l’humide by Littell (for which Klaus Theweleit, the author of Male Fantasies wrote the afterword) and Radicaal-rechtse seks, a recent Dutch language study on alt-right sexual morality.

Also, a couple of plates from Une semaine de bonté and work by Lucien Coutaud.

RIP Nawal El Saadawi (1931 – 2021)

Nawal El Saadawi was an Egyptian feminist writer, activist, physician, and psychiatrist.

She wrote many books on the subject of women in Islam, paying particular attention to the practice of female genital mutilation in her society.

She described her mutilation in The Hidden Face of Eve (1977) in these words:

“Then suddenly the sharp metallic edge seemed to drop between my thighs and there cut off a piece of flesh from my body.”


“I did not know what they had cut off from my body, and I did not try to find out. I just wept, and called out to my mother for help. But the worst shock of all was when I looked around and found her standing by my side. Yes, it was her, I could not be mistaken, in flesh and blood, right in the midst of these strangers, talking to them and smiling at them, as though they had not participated in slaughtering her daughter just a few moments ago.”

RIP Antón García Abril (1933 – 2021)

Antón García Abril was a Spanish composer. In my universe he is known for the music he wrote for Spanish horror movies starring Paul Naschy.

On YouTube there is a scene from El hombre y la Tierra with music by Abril.

El hombre y la Tierra

Antón García Abril’s death made me discover Musique Fantastique: A Survey of Film Music in the Fantastic (1985) by Randall D. Larson.

RIP Norman J. Warren (1942 – 2021)

Amateur Norman J. Warren documentary by Ben Simpson

Norman J. Warren was an English film director known for such films as Satan’s Slave (1976), Prey (1977) and Terror (1978).

He is also credited with one of the first narrative sex films, Her Private Hell.

Doing Rude Things 1995 documentary

He is interviewed in the Doing Rude Things 1995 documentary from 28:45 onwards.