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RIP Antonio Escohotado (1941 – 2021)

The Smoker by Joos van Craesbeeck 

Antonio Escohotado was a Spanish philosopher and writer. I discovered him through his A Brief History of Drugs: From the Stone Age to the Stoned Age which was written in Spanish in 1989 and translated to English in 1996.

On the cover of one Spanish edition is The Smoker by Joos van Craesbeeck (photo).

RIP Jimmie Durham (1940 – 2021)

Tim Cone on Still Life With Spirit and Xitle (2007)

Jimmie Durham was an American sculptor and pretendian.

He is known for such works as Still Life With Spirit and Xitle (2007).

It features a 1992 Chrysler Spirit smashed by a 9-ton boulder of red basalt from the Mexican volcano Xitle.

Durham gave the stone a cartoon-like face afterwards. As of 2021, it was located at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

RIP John Goodsall (1953 – 2021)

John Goodsall was an American-British rock guitarist known for his work with Atomic Rooster and Brand X.

Unorthodox Behaviour (1976)

Goodsall worked in the jazz fusion and prog rock idioms, genres which can be quite boring, except when compiled on such albums as Prog Is Not a Four Letter Word (2005) by Andy Votel.

RIP Evette Benton (1953 – 2021)

Space Bass” (1979)

Evette Benton (1953 – 2021) was an American singer known for her background work as one of the vocalists of the The Sweethearts of Sigma. She can also be heard on such records as “Space Bass” (1979).

You could say that “Space Bass” is specimen of the space disco genre. In that genre, if it exists, should also be “Dancing in Outer Space”, “The Chase”, “Cocomotion”, “Powerline”, “Space Funk”, “Carry On”, “Turn Me On”, “Atmosphere Strut”, “Solar Flight (Opus 1)”, “Nobody’s Got Time”, “War Dance”.

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