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RIP Gianni Cavina (1940 – 2022)

Two actors died. Both played a role in paracinema.

Exploding head scene in Scanners

The first is the Canadian actor Lawrence Dane (1937-2022) who is best-known for his part in Scanners (1981), the Cronenberg film forever famous for its exploding head scene.

The House with Laughing Windows

The second is the Italian actor Gianni Cavina best-known for his parts in The House with Laughing Windows (1976) and Traffic Jam (1979).

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is reminiscent of the eight minute traffic jam scene in Weekend by Truffaut which is based on the infinitely more interesting short story “La autopista del sur” by Julio Cortázar.

RIP William Hurt (1950 – 2022)

William Hurt was an American actor known for his parts in Ken Russell’s drug epos Altered States (1980), the gay epic Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), the cyberpunk classic Dark City (1998) and Cronenberg’s A History of Violence (2005).

Hurt’s death has made me curious about Dark City, which I should have seen already but I have not.

RIP Timmy Thomas (1944 – 2022)

Timmy Thomas was an American singer-songwriter best known for his composition “Why Can’t We Live Together” (1972).

“Why Can’t We Live Together” is known for its early use of drum machine technology.

At 1:00 you can hear the mambo preset from the Lowrey AR-4 (Automatic Rhythm) drum machine built in to the Lowrey organ

That drum machine appears to be the mambo preset from the Lowrey AR-4 (Automatic Rhythm) drum machine built in to the Lowrey organ.

“Hotline Bling” (2015) by Drake

Hotline Bling” (2015) by Drake heavily samples the song.

RIP Veronica Carlson (1944 – 2022)

Veronica Carlson on the cover of Midi Minuit Fantastique 21 (1970).

Veronica Carlson was a British actress best known for playing in Hammer horror films.

Above she takes refuge behind a cross in Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968).

The publicity shot is from the cover of Midi Minuit Fantastique 21 (1970).

RIP Richard Pratt (? – 2022)

Richard Pratt was an American singer and co-founder of the American band Blue Magic.

Welcome to the Club” (1974)

Blue Magic was one of the more popular Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. The group was one of the earliest acts produced by Norman Harris. Backed by the MFSB house band, they are known for such recordings as “Welcome to the Club” (1974).

That song is featured on Grass Roots: Ashley Beedle (1999).