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RIP Thierry Mugler (1948 – 2022)

Thierry Mugler was a French fashion designer known for his avant-garde, architectural, hyperfeminine and theatrical approach to haute couture.

Best of Mugler

My personal connection to Mugler is me seeing his photos (or was it one photo?) taken at the Tafraout site with the rocks painted by Jean Vérame. This was at the Animism exhibion at the MuKHA in 2010.

That photo can be seen in Thierry Mugler, Photographer (1988) by Thierry Mugler.

RIP Kenzō Takada (1939 – 2020)

Kenzō Takada was a Japanese fashion designer. He was, with Yamamoto, the most famous Japanese fashion designer of the 1980s.

Some of my best friends are in fashion. The fashion and arts scene always threw the best parties here in Antwerp, as I suppose, they do anywhere around the world.

Of all the arts, fashion probably is at the same time the most vacuous and the most embodied of the arts; the most ephemeral and the most ‘out there’.

RIP Sergio Rossi (1935 – 2020)

Sergio Rossi was an Italian shoe designer.

I discovered his work by finding a page dedicated to misogynistic advertising.

Here is the image I discovered, white stockings, white shoes, only the legs are visible, in a Mondriaan-like framework.[1]

Disembodied legs as depicted in this Rossi advertisement haven an aphrodisiac effect on me.