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RIP Douglas Trumbull (1942 – 2022)

Brainstorm (1983), death trip, final scene

Silent Running (1972), opening prayer

Douglas Trumbull was an American film director known for directing films such as Silent Running (1972) and Brainstorm (1983).

He also did special effects on 2001: A Space OdysseyBlade Runner and The Tree of Life.

RIP Kohei Yoshiyuki (1946 – 2022)

Kohei Yoshiyuki was a Japanese photographer known for his book The Park (1979, 2007) which shows people cruising for sex in Tokyo parks in the 1970s.

Leafing through ‘The Park’.

The book was hailed by Martin Parr as “a brilliant piece of social documentation, catching perfectly the loneliness, sadness and desperation that so often accompany sexual or human relationships in a big, hard metropolis like Tokyo.”

Of all the deads I posted about since the death of Elza Soares, this one is the most interesting one. Erotomania is still my main affliction. Long live public sex and its voyeurs.