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RIP Anita Lane (c. 1959 – 2021)

“Do That Thing” (2001)

Anita Lane was an Australian singer-songwriter who was briefly a member of The Bad Seeds with Nick Cave and Mick Harvey, and collaborated with both bandmates. Lane released two solo albums, Dirty Pearl (1993) and Sex O’Clock (2001).

From that album Sex O’Clock (2001), I give you “Do That Thing” (2001). Be sure to stick around until the guitar kicks in at 3:00.

RIP Cristina (1959 – 2020)

“Disco Clone” (1978)

Another coronavictim.

 Cristina was an American singer who belongs to the entourage of August Darnell and ZE Records.

By extension she was part of the whole ‘artistic disco’ stable of Patrick Adams, Arthur Russell, Larry Levan and Bob Blank.

You might also call the field she was active in self-conscious or tongue-in-cheek disco or sarcastic disco.

Too many words, I stop here.